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We currently only deliver in Lagos. We have our own distribution in place, which keeps your chocolate in the best quality until it reaches your doorstep.

We would love to supply outside of Lagos, but have not been able to find a courier that protects the chocolate from melting in the heat. People do travel from Lagos to other parts of Nigeria, so please contact us and we will try to organise logistics together.


Chocolate is best eaten fresh. Our resealable packaging allows you to store chocolate up to 6 months, if stored away from heat and humidity.

If chocolate has been exposed to heat or humidity, it could develop a white glow which is called ‘bloom’. These are the ingredients separating from each other (in the same way that oil and water don’t mix). The chocolate is still safe to eat although not as beautiful. You can prevent this with proper storage. Or by eating your chocolate immediately of course!

When storing chocolate, avoid heat and humidity. Temperature should not exceed 21 degrees. If your airconditioner is always on, this should be fine.

In our hot climate, a fridge is generally safer. If you store chocolate in your fridge, make sure it is properly sealed and preferably in an airtight container to avoid chocolate being affected by humidity and to avoid absorbing odours from other items in your fridge.

We do not recommend storing chocolate in your freezer.

Yes you can. Chocolate makes a great gift for friends and family overseas. A high quality Nigerian product that is at least as good as chocolate manufactured internationally. If you travel with chocolate, we do recommend that you keep it in your carry on luggage and do not expose it extreme and changing temperatures.


Chocolate is a treat, not a health food. Dark chocolate fits into a balanced diet.

Breaking it down in more detail: cocoa has been associated with health benefits, sugar is not good for you. Most chocolate contains a combination of both ingredients. As a general rule: the darker the chocolate, the higher the cocoa content, and the more healthy it is.

Our milk and white chocolates contain dairy. Some of our flavoured products contain nuts.

Our dark and unflavoured chocolates do not contain dairy or nuts, but are produced in a facility that uses dairy and may contain traces of allergens.

Anyone with serious dairy or nuts allergies should not consume chocolate.

That depends on the ingredients used to create the flavour. White and milk chocolate may contain dairy. Our semi-sweet and extra bitter chocolate options are all vegan. 


Bean-to-bar means that the full process of making chocolate from cocoa bean to chocolate bar is managed. We know and respect the origin of the cocoa, and bring out it’s unique flavour in our chocolate products.

Chocolate can be eaten straight for the pack, but can also be used for a wide variety of occassions. Families replace sugar by chocolate in any meal: sprinkle it on your breakfast or garri, melt chocolate in your coffee or hot milk, or add some chocolate to season a savoury stew. Some of our customers use it to make brownies, cakes, granola, ice cream and truffles. Melting chocolate into a fondue and dipping some fruit or cookies in it is a great and easy dessert.

Chocolate is safe to eat in any form.

Our chocolate bars are tempered, whereas the couverture is not tempered.

If you use our couverture for decoration or baking, we recommend tempering before use to give it a beautiful shine. During tempering, the cocoa butter in the chocolate changes into a stable crystalline form.

The easiest way to temper chocolate is to add a small amount of already tempered chocolate to your melted chocolate. Temper can also be achieved from scratch by a combination of heating, cooling and movement. Google or a professional trainer can tell you more.

Real chocolate (also called couverture) is made of real cocoa beans. We make real chocolate, which is full in flavour and natural.

Compound chocolate replaces cocoa butter with another type of vegetable fat. It is easier and therefore cheaper to produce, but by taking away the cocoa components it does not have the full chocolatey flavour and will not have the same crisp and shine.

Generally, compound chocolate is used for ice cream and candy. Real chocolate can be enjoyed as a treat or used for any type of baking.

There is no difference. Cocoa is the English word. Cacao theobroma is the Latin name for the cocoa tree, and the word cacao still exists in several languages today.

The word cocoa is generally used by professionals in the industry, while the word cacao is often linked to people interested in healthy and sustainable foods. Specifically, the word cacao regularly comes up together with the word raw. See below for a clarification.

Cocoa (or cacao) can be processed raw or roasted. Roasted cocoa is heated over a certain period of time. There is a specific niche of people who claim raw cocoa (and raw food) is healthier.

We roast our cocoa. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, raw cocoa is a health risk: the roasting process sterilizes the cocoa and eliminates any contamination that might have occurred. Raw cocoa might be affected by anything that has happened on the farm or during transport. Imagine farm animals defecating in or near the drying or stored cocoa. Roasting eliminates bacteria and ensures a safe product.

Secondly, the roasting process brings out the chocolate flavour that we love. Raw cocoa tends to be very bitter, acidic or astringent. Well-roasted cocoa is flavourful and awesome. You will taste the difference.

No it’s not. Hot chocolate is a drink made with hot water or hot milk, mixed with either real chocolate or with cocoa powder. It is often sweetened with sugar or honey.

Chocolate also becomes liquid after heating, but this will still not be easy to drink, and when it cools off it will become solid again.

Yes. Hot chocolate is best when it is made with milk. Make sure the milk is heated up properly, and then add a small chunk of your favourite chocolate flavour into it. Keep stirring until dissolved. Drink hot.

You may also choose to use our cocoa powder instead of chocolate. In this case we recommed adding some honey as a sweetener.


Yes it certainly is. Our ingredients are Nigerian. Our production is in Surulere, Lagos.

Our different recipes represent the flavours of Nigeria, all cocoa is handselected for quality, and we use only locally sourced natural ingredients. We preserve the flavours of the cocoa and the soil it was grown on. Farmers in different states grow cocoa with specific varieties on their unique soil. We are currently buying from Cross-River, Edo, Lagos, Ogun and Osun, and are well underway to source ingredients from all states of Nigeria. We process cocoa with respect for its origin.

Quality is our first concern. We want to make sure our cocoa is flavourful and safe to eat. We assess our suppliers’ understanding of post-harvest processing.

We want to contribute to a more sustainable cocoa sector and world. We work with farmers to secure good livelihoods and care for the environment. We are specifically proud to be working with several young cocoa farmers in different states, and a women’s cooperative in Cross-River.


We appreciate any support. Please be our ambassador. Buy our products. Give us feedback on how to improve. Bring chocolate to a dinner or party instead of the usual bottle. Suggest chocolate as part of gift hampers for holidays and events. Tell your friends and family about us.

We create our products for you!


We partner with resellers to bring chocolate to people. The quality of our product is very important to us and to the end consumers, and should at all times be preserved by the reseller. We believe in mutually beneficial terms.

We offer several partnership models against wholesale prices.

Within Lagos, Thirty Six Foods will ensure appropriate logistics conditions. Outside of Lagos, the reseller is responsible for climate controlled logistics between Surulere and their location.

The reseller is responsible for appropriate storage and sales conditions (fridge or permanent airconditioning). Any reseller and logistics partner should allow for inspection to make sure the conditions to maintain product quality are met.

Please contact us on +234 818 349 0570 or service@my36chocolates.ng to explore.


Quality is important to us and we want you to be fully satisfied. Please contact us on +234 818 349 0570 or service@my36chocolates.ng if you are not happy with your chocolate and we will find a solution.

We have standard operating procedures for all steps of the production process. We have strict quality control on all ingredients we source. We work in a clean environment and use hygiene products including hairnets and gloves.

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Dark chocolate